To keep the white sexy lingerie clean

Sensitizers for her make the night hotter faster!White sexy lingerie is fit for wearing in the summer, you can avoid seeing lines in the pale, pure clothes,and any woman likes a clean appearance when it comes to underwear. When you buy the underwear ,you will think the white bra is very beautiful. You often wear white bra and wash it, it can quickly lost luster and become dirty and yellow. If you want to make your white bra white, it is important to wash them right after your purchase.

1 a cup distilled white vinegar and a cup of baking are put on your sexy lingerie  open and close hook can be embedded fragile materials.

2 put your white sexy costumes into cleaning bag. Underwear cleaning bag protect your delicate underwear from the waste buttons and other clothing zipper in internal washing machine.

3 if you wash by hand ,you should put the clean bag in the bottom of the washing machine. If your washing machine has no subtle cycle, choose to wash by hand.

4 washing machine is fill with cold water. the hot water will make bra atrophy.

5 add a glass of white distilled vinegar. There are many family using vinegar, one of which is the laundry and maintain bright disinfection.

6 stop circulation, soaked for 20 minutes. This will make the vinegar full penetrate into fabric fiber.

7 begin circulating and let it finish without adding detergent.

8 run your bra through the extra flushing cycle. You want to remove any remaining vinegar and the laundry detergent on their bra.

9 set your washing machine in a subtle or cold water cycle. Subtle circulation retain their bras and give them a long life regardless of color.

10 with a glass of soda machines. Baking soda can help eliminate any yellow besmirch near the armpit of your bra and increases the overall whitening, eliminates peculiar smell.

11 and the laundry detergent and gently run at your subtle cycle. Choose laundry detergent, designed for wool and cashmere; These are often the most vulnerable.

12 run your bra through the extra flushing cycle to delete any remaining baking soda.

13 hang to dry. Put your bra drying machine set of besmirch and  make they shrink  yellow.

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