LoveWorks Lingerie & Adult Store

LoveWorks Lingerie & Gift Store

LoveWorks Lingerie & Adult StoreLoveWorks Lingerie & Gifts, a local adult and lingerie store, is located at 700 E Prien Lake Rd, in Lake Charles.  You can’t miss it.  The building is an eye-catching hot pink – a singular exterior color scheme that makes the shop one-of-a-kind on Prien Lake Rd.

The store has quite the slogan:  “The Store for Lovers”.  Love is already a loaded term in its modern conception.  For some, the word “lovers” has even more confusing implications.  LoveWorks doesn’t seem to think so.  There, love is pleasure.  Love is intimacy.  Love is trust.  These are three key terms that exude comfort and acceptance.

Georgina Graves is the General Manager at LoveWorks in Lake Charles, and her operation of the LoveWorks Adult Shop and Sexy Lingerie Storestore has created such a friendly and non-judgmental atmosphere that customers can’t help but relax once they are inside the hot-pink walls!

At LoveWorks, it’s all about the customers and his or her needs.  Employees are extensively trained in sexual wellness, and education, and they receive no commission — all factors that lead to a customer centered store.  With this business model, employees aren’t rushed to make as many sales as possible.  They’re given the time and space to listen to their customer’s needs, and this make an informed “prescription” about what will suit the customer best.

In terms of sexual wellness, everyone is different, with may having divergent bodily needs.  For those who are post-menopausal, in the middle of chemo, or struggling with prostate cancer, LoveWorks will have what they need.  Those whose health is fully optimal can expect the same quality of service.

LoveWorks carries a treasure trove of merchandise for sexual wellness:  massage oils, books, educational videos, supplements and various adult novelties.

LoveWorks is about looking and feeling well.  The store carries a lingerie line that goes from a size S to a 7x.  The articles of clothing are beautiful and sensual.  They’re perfect symbols for one of LoveWorks’ other slogans, “Educated with a side of risky”.  The risky part also extends into the Lake Charles store’s many bachelorette party gifts, which will make any pre-marriage party one of uproarious fun and levity.

For more serious romantic ideas, the company adds allure to couples’ lives for both Valentine’s Day:  the “traditional celebration in February”, as well as LoveWorks serving as one of the major sponsors behind “National Guy’s Valentine’s Day” in March!

This article originally appeared on page 40 of the April 20, 2017 issue of Lagniappe Magazine.

LoveWorks — Because it Does!  Let us show you how!

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