Ingredients for a Successful Warm Sensual Night With your Lover

Sexy Toys Make Lingerie for FunDuring these cold days of winter, it may be a bit harder to get motivated to get out of the house, or out of town for a few days. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t tons of things you can do though. Between skiing, snowboarding, hiking, tobogganing, ice-skating, ice fishing and snowball fighting… there’s something for everyone.

There is nothing better that getting out of the everyday routine to revive your love or bring your couple to new levels. Far away from your usual responsibilities and worries, this is a place for fun and adventure.

So, start by planning a romantic escapade for the night… or the weekend. Here are some “cool” ideas for these winter nights:

– Rent a condo or room in a ski resort
– Spend a night in a nice Hotel suite or room.
– Find yourself a nice cozy cottage for a day or two

Little features you should look for, that will make your night steaming hot:
– A nice soothing fireplace
– A warm relaxing hot tub or Jacuzzi

1. Spend your evening enjoying a nice candlelight dinner with your lover, with his favourite bottle of wine.

2. Before having dessert, venture alone in the bathroom to change in your bathrobe or satin robe.

3. Surprise him by letting the robe slide down your body, plunging sensually in the Jacuzzi and inviting him to join you.

4. Wash him down slowly, arousing him and complimenting him on his best features. Simply make him feel like a god.

5. Before the tension rises too high, it is time to make a move towards the fireplace. Try not to give in too quickly… if you can. Make him wait a bit… he will go crazy for you!

6. Install him on some pillows in front of the fireplace, and go put on your favourite piece of lingerie… may it be a sexy teddy, sensuous long gown, a cute baby doll or a gorgeous corset. Remember to wear something in which you will feel comfortable… and sexy!

7. It’s time for dessert! Depending on the resources at hand, you can either go for:
· The full Chocolate fondue, with strawberries, bananas, pineapple, raisins and any of your other favourite fruits
· Strawberries and Champagne
· Simply your favourite fruits, such as sweet strawberries, and dark or milk chocolate

8. Now, indulge in these sweet treats that you can eat of each other’s bodies. Be sensuous, sexy, and steamy. Simply have fun with each other… discover the other like you have never seen him/her. This will definitely bring you closer… and make it a night to remember!

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