Stay Home and Enjoy Each Other

Sheer Lingerie – a Tool of Seduction

Stay Home and Enjoy Each OtherNowadays, we can say that sheer lingerie is one of the most in demand and privileged category of sensual lingerie. Lingerie designers all over the world incorporate sheer fabrics into their collections because they know the success it has with both men and women.

Sheer lingerie covers just enough for you to feel comfortable, but still letting the imagination take its course. There is nothing sexier than a women dressed in see-through lingerie, because it shows just enough of her body to tease.

Sheer mesh seems to be a popular choice of fabric when it comes down to sheer lingerie. It is attractive and combines style and class. Sheer lingerie is usually also really light, therefore making it comfortable, especially in the summer time.

Stockings also fall into the sheer lingerie category. You have the body stocking, which is a one-piece tight fitting suit that covers the torso, but that could also go all the way to the sleeves and legs. You also have the common stockings, pantyhose and tights, that cover the legs and feet. They can be used for practical reasons (ex: to keep warm) or as a seductive accessory (ex: thigh high, with garters, crotchless, etc).

Sensual and confident women of all shapes and sizes will find something to suit them. There are tons of sheer corsets, bustiers, baby dolls, nightwear, camisoles, teddies, bras, panties and thongs available out there. You simply got to dare being sensual and sexy, and opt for sheer lingerie. It will simply do wonders !

Hot Nights - Lingerie and Sexy Lotions

Sensual Lingerie and How to Make your Man Go Crazy!

Hot Nights - Lingerie and Sexy LotionsThere are many ways you can make your man so excited that he will be begging for more. It’s all about the settings, and the accessories. Sensual lingerie remains of the best tools of seduction, so I will demonstrate how it can be used to spice-up your sex life and to make these hot nights memorable.

First start by selecting your favorite piece of lingerie. It can range from a cute and simple baby-doll, to a sexy leather corset. It is important that you feel comfortable with what you are wearing, as it is when you feel sexy and in control that you truly transpire as being a sex bomb. Once you get used to the whole role-playing concept, you will start being more adventurous in your lingerie and your mise-en-scene choices. This is when only your imagination can set your limits.

Below are a few sexy ideas that I’d like to share with you:

– While out at a party or dinner, whispering, describe sensually in your partner’s ear what you are wearing… or not wearing, and then see how he reacts. You can also simply slip in his pocket your panties that you just took off while going to the bathroom. Chances are you won’t even have the time to make it home !

– While he is at work, with friends or simply coming home, send him a text message describing what you are wearing, and what you would like to do to him when he gets home. He’ll most probably drop whatever he was doing and run home.

– Create a romantic setting in your house/bedroom to surprise your man. Use lit candles to trace a path to your “love-making” setting. Use whipped cream, strawberries, chocolate, honey, or any other fun edible stuff that will turn your night into a fun and sensual game. Blindfolding can add a little twist, so use your imagination.

– Handcuff your man while you dance for him, tease him, rub against him… do anything that can turn him on. He will go crazy as he is held down and cannot take control.

So remember, wear something that makes you feel sexy, and make him wait a bit before he gets what he wants. Your confidence and the suspense will make him go nuts !

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The Wedding Night & Sensual Lingerie – a Winning Combo!

We sell Swiss Navy and AstroGlides LubesNowadays, people tend to get married a little bit older, with a more important and well-controlled budget. On the wedding night, the loss of virginity is no longer the turning point of their first night as a married couple. On this special night where everything, from A to Z, has been planned for months, if not years, women should aim for a unique and memorable set-up. Their mission is to re-enact their first ever love scene together. That is where sensual lingerie comes into play.

May it be to wear under the “very carefully chosen” wedding dress, or simply as the “well waited for” overnight surprise, very feminine, refined but also audacious pieces of lingerie remain the best choices. They must rime with seduction, intimacy, love and passion… and should revive the emotion of their first night.

Getting married becomes the best occasion for a woman to surpass herself and to purchase a “once in a lifetime” piece of lingerie to take her man’s breath away, once again. It is time for her to purchase THE item she has always been dreaming about. She has a wide variety of corsets, bustiers, garters, matching sets to choose from… coming in colors ranging from white, to ivory, pink, sand or powder, and a never ending list of materials. Being a special night where all fantasies come to life, feathers, pearls, rhinestones and fur can also be great additions.

More and more designers now also target this mostly seasonal audience, most sales occurring in January and onwards, while the lingerie is usually worn in the summer time.

Can anyone imagine what would be a wedding night without sensual lingerie? I personally can’t. It would simply be a waste! It is THE night all women have been waiting for. Might as well make the best out of it.

Sexy Toys Make Lingerie for Fun

Ingredients for a Successful Warm Sensual Night With your Lover

Sexy Toys Make Lingerie for FunDuring these cold days of winter, it may be a bit harder to get motivated to get out of the house, or out of town for a few days. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t tons of things you can do though. Between skiing, snowboarding, hiking, tobogganing, ice-skating, ice fishing and snowball fighting… there’s something for everyone.

There is nothing better that getting out of the everyday routine to revive your love or bring your couple to new levels. Far away from your usual responsibilities and worries, this is a place for fun and adventure.

So, start by planning a romantic escapade for the night… or the weekend. Here are some “cool” ideas for these winter nights:

– Rent a condo or room in a ski resort
– Spend a night in a nice Hotel suite or room.
– Find yourself a nice cozy cottage for a day or two

Little features you should look for, that will make your night steaming hot:
– A nice soothing fireplace
– A warm relaxing hot tub or Jacuzzi

1. Spend your evening enjoying a nice candlelight dinner with your lover, with his favourite bottle of wine.

2. Before having dessert, venture alone in the bathroom to change in your bathrobe or satin robe.

3. Surprise him by letting the robe slide down your body, plunging sensually in the Jacuzzi and inviting him to join you.

4. Wash him down slowly, arousing him and complimenting him on his best features. Simply make him feel like a god.

5. Before the tension rises too high, it is time to make a move towards the fireplace. Try not to give in too quickly… if you can. Make him wait a bit… he will go crazy for you!

6. Install him on some pillows in front of the fireplace, and go put on your favourite piece of lingerie… may it be a sexy teddy, sensuous long gown, a cute baby doll or a gorgeous corset. Remember to wear something in which you will feel comfortable… and sexy!

7. It’s time for dessert! Depending on the resources at hand, you can either go for:
· The full Chocolate fondue, with strawberries, bananas, pineapple, raisins and any of your other favourite fruits
· Strawberries and Champagne
· Simply your favourite fruits, such as sweet strawberries, and dark or milk chocolate

8. Now, indulge in these sweet treats that you can eat of each other’s bodies. Be sensuous, sexy, and steamy. Simply have fun with each other… discover the other like you have never seen him/her. This will definitely bring you closer… and make it a night to remember!