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Choosing the Right Lingerie for your Body Style

Lingerie and Erotic ToysThe first thing to consider when choosing a piece of lingerie is to be aware of your body, and what is has to offer. Your goal here is to emphasize your best assets, while playing down the parts of your body you don’t like as much. Take the time to think about how you feel about your body, and be honest, but not too demanding on yourself.

Tall Women

· Garter belts will accentuate the length of the legs
· An horizontal line across the belly, may it be a garter belt or a corset, is great for tall skinny women. It tends to draw the attention to their curves.
· Tall women can afford to wear long nightgowns, which don’t look as great on short women.
· Thigh high stockings with lace up, bows and other refined details can help draw attention to the long legs.

Short Women

· Slits on the sides of your gown or baby doll gives a sense of length to the legs.

Big-Busted and Voluptous Women

· A corset is a great pick, as it enhances both the cleavage, and the waist line, while flattening the stomach. Consider buying a corset that is one size smaller than you usual size. Lace up front or back are also great for the cleavage and to tighten up that waist of yours!
· Baby dolls with underwire cups will also accentuate the cleavage, while hiding the stomach and butt area
· Empire waist baby dolls are also great for hiding the tummy, while enhancing the legs.
· Teddies can be a good way to go, as it hides the belly area, while emphasizing the bust and legs.
· Spandex or Lycra bras might help by flattening the breast area, and providing support.


· Padded or push-up bras will help creating a bit more cleavage.
· Babydolls are also a good choice.

Athletic or Slim

· Try to accentuate your tummy, waist, legs and butt area. Try booty shorts, thongs, garter belts or matching sets.
· Try not to draw attention to your developed chest area, unless you are wearing a padded bar.
· Teddies are also ideal as they emphasize on the shoulders and legs.


· Your lingerie should not be tight-fitted against the areas of your body you would prefer to hide.
· Concentrate on finding lingerie that will enhance and draw attention to your best assets.
· Vertical lines create an illusion of length, while horizontal lines widen the body.
· If you are not so comfortable with your body, you can add on a sensual silk or satin robe. You will not only make you feel better about yourself, but will also more at ease with your lingerie
· If you are wearing tight fitted pants, or skirts, opt for a g-string or a thong. This will eliminate the panty lines that may sow through your clothes.
· Don’t forget about accessories. High heels, jewelry, boas, feathers, gloves and stockings can be used to accentuate certain parts of your body, or to draw the attention away from others. Other accessories such as candles, whips, blindfolds, handcuffs, whipped cream, strawberries, honey are lots of fun too. Just let your imagination run freely, and you will be impressed about all there is out there to explore!

Lubes and Lotions are just as important as the Lingerie!

9 Lifesaver Tips for Men Buying Lingerie

Lubes and Lotions are just as important as the Lingerie!Women find it really romantic when their man go out of there way (and of their comfort zone) to purchase them a nice piece of sensual lingerie. They understand how much effort a man need to put in to but them such an intimate gift, and they really do appreciate it. It is also a great way to show your partner that she turns you on and that you like when she feels hot and sexy for you.

1. Remember that you are buying it for HER!!! 

As much as you will enjoy seeing her wearing this new piece of lingerie, you have to keep in mind that you are buying it for her! You therefore need to choose something that she will be comfortable wearing and that reflects her personality.

She may be flirty, athletic, feminine, cozy, sexy or romantic. Usually her clothes will reflect that, and you can mirror this to her lingerie. Please also take into consideration how daring she is when it comes to sexy lingerie. All men would love to see their women in skimpy lingerie, but if she doesn’t, your gift will have the opposite effect than the one wished for. It is OK to go for something on the wilder side than usual, but make sure she will be comfortable enough to wear it and to truly feel sexy.

2. Know her size

Now is the time to dive in her intimates’ drawer. You have to get the sizing right even though how confusing it may be with all these letters and numbers. Bra size goes by 32, 34, 36, 38 while the cup size of the bra goes by A, B, C, D, DD, etc. Other items can be tagged either as Small, Medium, Large or Extra-Large, or just like the dress sizes 6, 8, 10, etc. Simply go through all her current favorite items, and take good note of the sizes for each. Make sure you put them back in their original spot or she may notice it.

The safest bets are baby dolls, gowns, chemises or one size items. Adjustable straps are a big plus, as she will be able to fight the garment to her body. Well-endowed women require extra support, so ensure there are under wired cups or built in support.

3. Select the right color(s) for her

While the style and the size are important, one other crucial ingredient is the color. Most women know what colors make them look fabulous. Dark colors, may it be the classic black, but also dark red, dark blue, or any other darker tones, tend to be slimming. Lighter colors seem to widen a bit, so ensure you understand the effect it might give.

4. Choose fabrics soft to the touch

Try to go for fabrics that are luxurious on the skin. You are always safe when buying lingerie made out of silk, satin or velvet, but that doesn’t mean other fabrics should be ignored. On the other hand, PVC and leather lingerie can be a bit more difficult. Given that they are not as flexible as we’d like, it can create bulges in some areas, and we’d all prefer to avoid that. Lycra and spandex can be really flattering for slim women.

Other types of women should be a bit more careful though, as it can draw attention to bulges they have been wanting to hide. See-through fabric can also be a bit to daring for some women. One must feel comfortable with her body to accept to expose it even through the fabric. Just ensure the fabric used in the nipples area is not too rough, or that there is a lining underneath.

5. Consider what she may be self-conscious about

Most women are self-conscious about a part of their body. The goal here when buying her sensual lingerie is to enhance her best assets while drawing attention away from the parts she doesn’t like that much. This way, she will feel sexy and at her best. And this is what you want to go for.

6. Avoid mass production lingerie stores

Big lingerie companies such as Victoria Secrets put a lot of money into their marketing, we everybody as seen their ads, catalogs, fashion shows and all. You have to beware though as the level of quality of their items will probably not be the one you were expecting. Women also like owning something special, that none of her friends have.

This is another good reason you want to avoid Victoria Secret if you want to surprise her. Instead, we strongly suggest shopping at a small local lingerie shop. Not only will you have access to various renowned brands, but will also usually receive a higher level of service from these matter experts.

7. Don’t forget about the presentation

Women usually pay great attention to details. Once you have spent all this time researching and shopping for the best lingerie outfit, you should close it up with a nice gift wrapping. Most stores can even take care of that for a small fee. Think about it, if you play it right, you will get the unwrap your present after she unwrapped hers J

8. Keep the receipt

Another important thing: don’t forget to keep the receipt! If ever something doesn’t fit well, she may want to exchange it. Keep in mind though returned items must still bear their tags and be unworn. Due to health regulations, returns on panties, thongs and teddies may not be accepted. Ask the cashier if you are unsure.

9. Take your time and have fun!

I know. There is a lot of information. But trust me, it is all worth your while! Your woman is at her best when she feels hot and sexy, and you’ll be the one reaping the reward. Don’t rush things, take your time, and enjoy shopping for your loved one. It may be intimidating at first, but you’ll quickly get the hang of it. Make her feel special, and she will be more than happy to return the favor.

Motion Lotion adds to the fun!

5 Tips for Online Lingerie Shopping

Motion Lotion adds to the fun!Sexy lingerie can be a great way to spice up your relationship, and it can leave you looking and feeling great. The choices can range from elegant & glamorous to sexy and daring. When you shop online, your choices are limitless.  Why go online? Here are some benefits of shopping lingerie online

Greater convenience– The first benefit is that you save a lot of time by physically going to retail stores to buy a few pieces of lingerie. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can easily complete your purchase with very little hassle. All you need is a computer with an internet connection, and a valid credit card, and you can shop for a variety of lingerie.

Greater savings– Online lingerie retailers often run regular promotions to encourage new and existing customers to buy more. This is especially true during the holiday season. Sometimes, shipping may also be waived for the holiday season.

Wider selection– Sometimes, when you visit a retail store, certain products or designs may not be on display due to lack of rack space or some other reason. This will not happen to an online store. You can easily choose from a wide selection of women lingerie, and place your order immediately.

Ease of browsing–  Many women lingerie online retailers make it easy for consumers to browse the lingerie that they have on sale. The shopping catalog comes complete with professionally taken photographs of lingerie models, and you can even click on the images for a close-up look if you want. This will help make your buying decision easier.

Ease of purchase – Besides having secure credit card purchasing, you can also expect to have your customer information stored on the website.  Once your information has been successfully stored on the website, you don’t need to ever fill up those fields again. The next time you shop online for women lingerie, the website actually remembers you and fills in all the information automatically for you.

Latest Fashions – As the website is a very powerful communication tool, the latest lingerie are usually posted for sale online very quickly. Hence, you can be assured that you get the latest lingerie designs from online retailers.

Experiment! Get an adult video tonight, along with your lingerie and lube!

Plus Size Lingerie – Buying Tips You Should Know

Experiment!  Get an adult video tonight, along with your lingerie and lube!To many women, and a lot of men for that matter, lingerie is definitely one of the most sexy products available on the market. Having said that, when you are a woman who needs plus size lingerie it can sometimes be very difficult to locate the best possible choices to fit your taste and body shape. Numerous women of this particular size are from time to time uncomfortable or a little self-conscious about looking for lingerie but they should not be. Here are a couple of tips on how you can easily purchase plus size lingerie without any stress or strain.

You really should always make sure of your exact clothing size. It is a normal problem of larger women that they usually do not want to be measured or they just simply never get around to it. This will be vital – if you do not know your own personal measurements then you can expect to never be able to buy lingerie that looks good on you.

Just about all lingerie shops offer a freely available measuring service, so make sure to make the most of it. They will measure you perfectly so you can then confidently continue with your shopping. Keep in mind that your size may vary, as well, so it is advisable to get yourself measured on every single shopping trip that you undertake. This will save you the time of having to put on the garments each time and also ensure that you get the perfect size.

Every single woman usually has a preferred fabric they prefer their lingerie to be designed of. Many like silk while others like cotton or lace. Always be certain that the plus size lingerie that you buy is designed from the material you find the most comfortable. It can sometimes be easy to be attracted by a style that you really like but it comes in a fabric you do not. This will likely mean you needing to return the product and wasting your time.

As with any kind of purchase, regardless of how significant or small it may be, it can be critical to have a stringent budget in mind. This won’t just prevent you from purchasing lingerie that is out of your price range but it is going to also enable you to narrow down your search before you start your shopping. This can easily help you to save a great deal of time, because you’ll find some stores that only sell expensive merchandise you might be unable to afford.

In the event you just do not have the precious time to go searching for your lingerie then why not look for it on the internet? Clearly, if you’re going to choose this option be sure to get measured just before you do so. In addition, if you do purchase any items on the web be sure you check the delivery costs before you order and make sure the web site is a trustworthy one.

And Lingerie is not "langerie"

Complete Lingerie Buying Guide for Women

And Lingerie is not "langerie"1. Research before heading to the store

Navigate on the net to see what styles and colors are available on the market. This will also help understanding what is “in style” this year. Below is a short description of the most commonly found styles of sensual lingerie.

Corset: Garment designed to slim the waist and create cleavage, usually lacing or  clipping in the back.

Bustier: Form fitting top that looks like a long bra and covers the torso. Usually strapless but can also come with detachable garters.

Baby Doll: Short (often see-through) gown comprised of a bra top that flares down just under the bust and comes with a matching panty. Often comes with lace trim, ruffles, ribbons and bows. Innocent, but playful.

Chemise: Slightly flared or straight gown that follows the contour of the body.

Gown: Long loose flowing garment.

Teddy: Bodysuit-like that includes a camisole and panty in one piece.

Boy Cut/Boy Shorts/Brazilian: Panty that sits low on the hips and covers most (usually half) of the buttocks area. Extremely comfortable, boy shorts/Brazilian panties are also of the favorite picks by both men and women.

Thong: Underwear style with a thin fabric back that rests between the buttocks. This is your best option when wearing tight pants as they eliminate the panty line.

G-String: Similar to a thong, but with simply a string instead of fabric at the back.

2. Choose something that will make you look at your best!

You need to understand the pros/cons of the different styles out there, and how they can either be suitable, or not, for you. The goal here is to accentuate your best assets, while drawing attention away from your flaws. You need to feel at your best…like the goddess you truly are.

3. Pick the right size

Make sure you buy the right size. Don’t try fitting into something too tight, as you will feel, and probably also look uncomfortable. Wearing something too loose is also to be avoided as it will affect the way the lingerie item falls on you. Be honest with yourself, and don’t buy if it is not the right size just because it is on sale. Chances are you won’t wear it if it doesn’t fit you well. If the item includes a bra, keep in mind that you should normally use the middle clasp of the back-enclosure. This allows flexibility in case you ever put on/loose a bit of weight.

4. Select the right color(s) for you

While the style and the size are important, one other crucial ingredient is the color. Most women know what colors make them look fabulous. Matching the colors to your hair and eye color will ensure a great fit. When in doubt, try it out. You will quickly be able to tell if this color is for you or not.

5. Choose fabrics soft to the touch 

Try to go for fabrics that are luxurious on your skin. You are always safe when buying lingerie made out of silk, satin or velvet, but that doesn’t mean other fabrics should be ignored. Just ensure the fabric used in the nipples area is not too rough, and that you feel comfortable in it.

6. Accessorize your outfit

For the hottest look in town, don’t neglect the accessories when shopping for your newest sexy lingerie outfit. Stockings and high heels can give you a look to die for. Fishnets stays-ups and French seamed stockings are men’s favorites, and they never go out of style. Not only do they give you your legs a nice polished finish, they seem to be a turn on most men.

7. Take Your Time and Have Fun!

Lingerie shopping should be a fun experience. Remain open minded and dare trying on new things. There are tons of sexy options out there… who knows! You may even enjoy a bit of role-playing. Also try putting on a bit of lipstick when trying on some lingerie. This should give a little plus to your look.

Lingerie shopping should not be done when you are rushed. Take your time, try on all the items that you think you may like, and don’t rush into buying something if you’re not sure. You wouldn’t want to invest into an item that will remain at the bottom of your drawer.