Caring for Lingerie Tips

Afraid of sextoys?  Try a non-insertable bullet.When lingerie is put in the wash and destroyed it is heartbreaking. Lingerie is an essential valued part of a woman’s wardrobe. The right bra shapes your busts and therefore makes your shape look great. Simply, your bras, knickers, sexy nights in lingerie has a big impact on your everyday life making you feel good about yourself. Therefore when you buy an item it is pointless wearing it once and then it is destroyed in the wash. Here are some tips about caring for your bras, knickers and lingerie.

It is important not to take the labels off. If you take the labels off by ripping for instance, this may damage the material. Also if the labels are off then you lose the information which is valuable to you like the size (especially for bras). You will lose the type of material of the garment and any special instructions. Washing or caring for lingerie can be complicated.

One way of cleaning your lingerie bras and knickers is the use mesh bags in the machine. This can be used to wash more sturdy lingerie which you wear regularly. Put one to three items in each bag, depending on the size of the bag. You don’t need a bag for each individual item, but you don’t want the bag crowded either or the items won’t get fully clean. Once the bag is closed put it in the drum of the machine. Wash other lightweight items in the same load. The mesh bag allows the soap and water to get at your bras, knickers, but stops the straps and leg openings from becoming stretched or tangled with other pieces of clothing.

Hand washing is still the best way of washing lingerie although using a mesh bag is an option for some types of undergarments. Hand washing will prevent shrinking and maintain the shape of your lingerie for a longer time. Use a gentle detergent and cold water. Don’t put your bras and knickers in the the dryer after either because that can be problematic. Just wash the bras and knickers out with cold water and let it dry naturally. You should not wring it out like you would do a towel. Don’t stress the lingerie as most lingerie are of delicate fabric. Because the fabric is light and of minimal material it should dry quickly. Place it on a flat surface to dry as this help it keep its shape better than hanging.

Even when washing by hand it is a good idea to try cleaners and detergents that are specially made for lingerie care. Because your lingerie is valued it might be a good ideas to use these detergents as they may help prolong the life of your lingerie, but it up to you if you use it or not. You can use it to see if it makes any difference. Biodegradable detergents are also quite good as they can be washed/ rinsed out easier.

On your labels it should say how to take care of your lingerie materials. If it does not here are some lingerie materials and some advice on how to care for it: Silk – You will need to consult your labels’ instructions. Silk generally needs to be dry cleaned. The only exception is with pre washed silk, but even that type of silk may still have special care instructions.

Acetate – Although this material can be hand washed it is advised to have it dry cleaned to be on the safe side.

Acrylic – This material does not have specific instructions. You can wash it in the machine on a cold wash or you can hand wash it or even dry clean it. It is not essential to clean it in a specific way.

Rayon – Rayon lingerie will need to either be dry cleaned or hand washed. Because rayon comes in different forms it will be best to consult your tag instructions.

Cotton – Cotton is easy to take care of. There are no specific guidelines for cleaning. It can be washed as you wish. Cotton is very sturdy therefore you can machine wash or hand wash your lingerie, bras and. You will need to dry this on high heat.

Nylon – Nylon lingerie This can be machine washed safely or hand washed. If machine washing and drying it need to be washed in a cold wash and dried at low temperatures.

After washing ensure that your lingerie, bras and knickers are dried properly. They will smell if not fully dried but stored away. When you put them away it is a good idea to line your draw with white tissue paper so that your lingerie is not snagged by any wires or wood splinters from the drawer. Another tip to avoid snagging of your lingerie is to ensure that your bra backs are hooked, and keep bras on the opposite end of the drawer from pantyhose or stockings which is easily snagged.

If you employ this advice you might just be able to save some money on your lingerie purchases.

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