9 Lifesaver Tips for Men Buying Lingerie

Lubes and Lotions are just as important as the Lingerie!Women find it really romantic when their man go out of there way (and of their comfort zone) to purchase them a nice piece of sensual lingerie. They understand how much effort a man need to put in to but them such an intimate gift, and they really do appreciate it. It is also a great way to show your partner that she turns you on and that you like when she feels hot and sexy for you.

1. Remember that you are buying it for HER!!! 

As much as you will enjoy seeing her wearing this new piece of lingerie, you have to keep in mind that you are buying it for her! You therefore need to choose something that she will be comfortable wearing and that reflects her personality.

She may be flirty, athletic, feminine, cozy, sexy or romantic. Usually her clothes will reflect that, and you can mirror this to her lingerie. Please also take into consideration how daring she is when it comes to sexy lingerie. All men would love to see their women in skimpy lingerie, but if she doesn’t, your gift will have the opposite effect than the one wished for. It is OK to go for something on the wilder side than usual, but make sure she will be comfortable enough to wear it and to truly feel sexy.

2. Know her size

Now is the time to dive in her intimates’ drawer. You have to get the sizing right even though how confusing it may be with all these letters and numbers. Bra size goes by 32, 34, 36, 38 while the cup size of the bra goes by A, B, C, D, DD, etc. Other items can be tagged either as Small, Medium, Large or Extra-Large, or just like the dress sizes 6, 8, 10, etc. Simply go through all her current favorite items, and take good note of the sizes for each. Make sure you put them back in their original spot or she may notice it.

The safest bets are baby dolls, gowns, chemises or one size items. Adjustable straps are a big plus, as she will be able to fight the garment to her body. Well-endowed women require extra support, so ensure there are under wired cups or built in support.

3. Select the right color(s) for her

While the style and the size are important, one other crucial ingredient is the color. Most women know what colors make them look fabulous. Dark colors, may it be the classic black, but also dark red, dark blue, or any other darker tones, tend to be slimming. Lighter colors seem to widen a bit, so ensure you understand the effect it might give.

4. Choose fabrics soft to the touch

Try to go for fabrics that are luxurious on the skin. You are always safe when buying lingerie made out of silk, satin or velvet, but that doesn’t mean other fabrics should be ignored. On the other hand, PVC and leather lingerie can be a bit more difficult. Given that they are not as flexible as we’d like, it can create bulges in some areas, and we’d all prefer to avoid that. Lycra and spandex can be really flattering for slim women.

Other types of women should be a bit more careful though, as it can draw attention to bulges they have been wanting to hide. See-through fabric can also be a bit to daring for some women. One must feel comfortable with her body to accept to expose it even through the fabric. Just ensure the fabric used in the nipples area is not too rough, or that there is a lining underneath.

5. Consider what she may be self-conscious about

Most women are self-conscious about a part of their body. The goal here when buying her sensual lingerie is to enhance her best assets while drawing attention away from the parts she doesn’t like that much. This way, she will feel sexy and at her best. And this is what you want to go for.

6. Avoid mass production lingerie stores

Big lingerie companies such as Victoria Secrets put a lot of money into their marketing, we everybody as seen their ads, catalogs, fashion shows and all. You have to beware though as the level of quality of their items will probably not be the one you were expecting. Women also like owning something special, that none of her friends have.

This is another good reason you want to avoid Victoria Secret if you want to surprise her. Instead, we strongly suggest shopping at a small local lingerie shop. Not only will you have access to various renowned brands, but will also usually receive a higher level of service from these matter experts.

7. Don’t forget about the presentation

Women usually pay great attention to details. Once you have spent all this time researching and shopping for the best lingerie outfit, you should close it up with a nice gift wrapping. Most stores can even take care of that for a small fee. Think about it, if you play it right, you will get the unwrap your present after she unwrapped hers J

8. Keep the receipt

Another important thing: don’t forget to keep the receipt! If ever something doesn’t fit well, she may want to exchange it. Keep in mind though returned items must still bear their tags and be unworn. Due to health regulations, returns on panties, thongs and teddies may not be accepted. Ask the cashier if you are unsure.

9. Take your time and have fun!

I know. There is a lot of information. But trust me, it is all worth your while! Your woman is at her best when she feels hot and sexy, and you’ll be the one reaping the reward. Don’t rush things, take your time, and enjoy shopping for your loved one. It may be intimidating at first, but you’ll quickly get the hang of it. Make her feel special, and she will be more than happy to return the favor.

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